ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
Executive Summary


The ASEAN Regional Diagnostic Network is envisaged as a system that would provide identifications of organisms of agricultural importance (especially plant pests, diseases and weeds) detected in the South-East Asian region. This diagnostic facility would service production agriculture, market access and quarantine operations. It would be available to users in the ASEAN region and would draw upon expertise both within and beyond the region.

The Network would also provide a framework for enhancing national and regional diagnostic capacity, by building diagnostic skills among ASEAN professionals and developing practical, diagnostic tools relevant to the ASEAN region. The concept of the Network has been endorsed by the ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Crops.

The Network would be overseen by a high-level Advisory Committee and would report to National Plant Protection Organisations of ASEAN member countries through the ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Crops. Amongst other activities, the Network would support this Working Group's goal to reduce trade impediments by harmonising phytosanitary measures within the ASEAN region.

The Clearing House and the program to develop skills and diagnostic resources would be managed by a regional, non-government organisation based in Malaysia i.e. ASEANET in consultation with the Advisory Committee.

Clearing House

Clients forward unknown samples to a Clearing House to be established in Serdang, Malaysia. With a small number of staff, their role would be to make an initial identification, record specimens and consign them to experts drawn from a diagnostic expertise register.

In due course, sample and identification would be returned to the Clearing House and thence to the client. The diagnosis would remain confidential until the client elects to publish the record


International diagnostic standards and best practice will be adopted where available and appropriate.

Expertise gaps

Expertise gaps will be addressed during the initial years of operation through a program of training activities. Gaps in scientific knowledge will be addressed by a program to develop tools and regional resources.

ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
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