ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
What is ASEANET?
  • a regional Technical Co-operation Network (TCN) for sustainable development through capacity-building in taxonomy
  • formally endorsed by the ASEAN Senior officials on the Environment (ASOEN) at its 9th Meeting in Singapore in September 1998
  • membership includes all 10 members of the ASEAN group of nations
ASEANET's commitment
  • to help achieve realistic self-reliance in taxonomy and biosystematics for member nations through optimization of regional skills and resources (South-South co-operation) and capacity-building through information and technology transfer (North-South partnerships)
ASEANET's mission
  • to assist member nations implement and fulfill national obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
  • to play a lead role in regional activities in support of the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI)
  • to facilitate preparations by member economies in compliance with requirements of the SPS Agreement under the WTO
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
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