ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
Workshop on Identification of Downy Mildew (Oomycetes) in Southeast Asia
Date: 29 Jan – 2 Feb 2018
This workshop focuses on the collection of samples, laboratory techniques for processing samples, identification using morphology and extraction of DNA. The workshop will cover the recognition and identification of selected downy mildew genera, biological aspects of downy mildews including their host specificity, phylogeny, importance and life cycles and the quarantine risk associated with species; and include an introduction to the objectives and mode of operation of the ASEAN Regional Diagnostic Network.
The diagnostic activity addresses gaps in Southeast Asian expertise in relation to techniques used to help identify groups of pests that are difficult to identify. This workshop provides a foundation for ASEAN countries to improve their regional diagnostic capacity by developing additional skills in identification techniques and improving networking among participating plant health professionals.


  • Introduction to downy mildew: symptoms, biology and importance
  • Best practice for field collections of downy mildew samples
  • Identification of downy mildew by morphology
  • Best practice for the preservation of downy mildew specimens and capture of specimen collection records and associated data
  • Downy mildew in South East Asia based on country records and evidence in the literature. Participants will also be asked to indicate what knowledge and evidence they have of downy mildews in their own countries. This session will be run in small groups that report back to the workshop
  • An introduction to molecular methods used in the identification and classification of fungi. This session will cover basic principles of DNA isolation, amplification and sequence analysis
  • Best practice for the identification of downy mildews by molecular methods. This session will include a basic introduction to phylogenetic analysis
  • Towards a resolution of the taxonomy of the downy mildews on maize, sorghum and sugarcane in South East Asia
  • Identification of downy mildews by morphology
  • Examination of downy mildews, including samples collected on the field trip and reference specimens
  • Specimens collected on the field trip will be preserved as herbarium specimens
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
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